Commercial Video Porfolio

Regional Transit - Sacramento RT Safety Video

A quick 60-second safety video focuses on one safety topic in a new shareable online format. This video targets younger next generation audiences to watch for public safety.

Paintrite Pros - Infomercial Story

A video tells a background story of the owner and the mission statement. The story attracts audiences’ companionship and builds a support referral network.

Quick Legal - 500 Start Up Video

A quick 60-second commercial is great for getting a message across with advanced animated text and pictures along with the video. This video is fun and high tech for next generation

Sacramento LGBT Story - Support & Donate

Listening, understanding, and supporting. We made this one using voiceover narration, cinematography, and a quick cut to make the video more story approach and emotion driven.

Grand Island Mansion - Testimonials Video

Testimonial Video through the pass bride experiences

Taco Bell - Sacramento Story

An interview one of the most successful Taco Bell’s franchisee in Sacramento and his inspiring story- how he gets up there by working hard and family matters.

QuickLegal - 60 Second Commercial Video

Quick 60 Second Video with Voice Over

Quick Legal Fun Video - Social Media Brand Awareness

Break away from the traditional boring political and legal, CineCrown create a funny video to make everyone remember the brand while the video is viral.

Portal Project - Bring Sacramento Community together

The Project that brings the local community in one place for celebrating, working, exercising, and having fun together.

AM Nights - Story

Bring EMD to Sacramento

BigEz Restaurance Story

An inspirational story of a restaurant owner who overcomes all the obstacles in life and successful doing what she loves.

Corporate Event Video + Photo


Corporate Event Portfolio

Farm to Fork - Change Sacramento Together

Here’s a story of what the Farm to Fork movement is all about. We crafted it by using a full production team on site and interviewing two great chefs and key Farm to Fork staff.

AM Nights - Show and Event Promo Video

Kid Expo - Event Promo Video and Story

Volunteers of America - Major League Baseball Player - Birthday Party

The best way to get local citizens involved with the Children in need is by telling the story. CineCrown worked hand-in-hand with Volunteers of America to capture the story.

USC Corporate Event Photo

Corporate Event Photos - Award Night Hollywood Theme

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