Company Branding Video

Cut back on your ad placement budget, NOT on the quality of your message.

What is Company Branding Video?

Tells your StoryBrand and makes consumers fall in love with your brand or company through an emotional connection. This helps create your reputation and trust with customers through creating a StoryBrand of "WHOyou are", "WHATyou believe", "WHYyou love what you do", and "HOWyou are different". This 1-2 minutes video help develop Brand awareness and a "Quick-Look" at your company culture, vision and mission statement, and company core values.

This video should highlight the story of your brand, your personality, philosophy, as well as client and employee testimonials. Brand videos are the best tool to clear all misconceptions and assumptions, enabling you to tell your story.

In this modern age, no one has the time to read, but if you add an engaging video to describe your brand and vision, people will watch that video for sure! You have to put a focus on digital and animated presence and understand the video marketing benefits for your business. We understand what to include in a corporative video and how to use the animations for better representation.

3 Essential Strategies in Branding Video:

  • Making it personal to include meaningful stories. A brand addresses your personality since you want to develop a connection with your clients and customers.
  • Focusing on your strengths and that which makes you resilient. In your brand, dwell on what has made your company stand for this long.
  • Being brief. Use the first 15 seconds to grasp your audience's attention and let your video last not more than two minutes.

Good for:

  • Show case your copany personality on the home page or about page.

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