Why does branding matter?

4 June 2019

Brand presentation22_18

1. Creates a strong bond with customer

The first impression in which a prospect will have with you is through your branding. Just like how you would dress up well for a meeting, or for a job interview, first impression plays a big role on deciding factors. The brand is your dress, or your outfit, and it needs to look presentable so that you can score that great first impression on your prospects. The reason why first impression is so important, is because it really affects on how the rest of the relationship will go. It will have an impact on your prospects buying decision, their behaviors towards your brand, thoughts and actions.

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2. Creates Better Foundation for Marketing and Advertising:

Marketing and advertising are great ways to create awareness with your services and/or products, but if your branding is not developed, it could be costing you a lot of money. Think of a website that is advertising to be on the top page of google.com, but when people click through, their website is horrible and has a very high retention rate. This will be costly! Branding is the same way, if you do not build up the brand to fortify trust, no matter how much marketing and advertising you do, people will not be convinced. Branding plays a role in conversions.

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3. Building Loyal Customers:

The biggest payoff on pouring investments into branding, would be obtaining your pool of loyal customers who will make purchases from you anytime of the year. Apple, a brand we all know well, has a really loyal customer base. They continually purchase Apple products because they believe the service and quality is superior to its competitors.