Online/TV Commercial Video

Cut back on your ad placement budget, NOT on the quality of your message.

What is Advertising Video?

Do you try to advertise a product or a service? Then you should go for the online commercial advertising video to market the video online or telvision. This 15-60 second video, has a clear focus for advertising and marketing purposes and designed to make an impact online or on TV.

This type of video is require a hooks that atract to your audience pain point and your service or product is the solution to help them solve their problems. You can also briefly describes your product, service or brand promise toward the end of your video. It is perhaps the best video marketing technique that will promote your newly launched product.

At CineCrown we are experts in creating a advertising videos, we serve our customers with the best ideas to create an effective strategy to create a video marketing campaign to reach your target audience.

We will suggest you to understand your client paint point so we can create a catchy features, benefit or solution to atract that specific demographic. After that, we will help you create the advertising video in a captivating way. It will atract and hook the attention of the people to bring awareness to your product and services. And if your product quality appeals to them, they will become your permanent customers.

Feature and Benefit:

  • Focus on one solution for one single problems
  • Let cluter and straigh to the point, easy sale
  • Do require a hook

Good for:

  • Online Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, television ads

Tips: Do more than two marketing videos with two different messages and styles. You can then use A/B testing method and define which video hooks atract the client most. Then put all the budget into that video. Finally create a third video for retargeting those demographic who has already seen your first set video couple time.

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