Professional Headshots


You Have One Opportunity to Make A Great First Impression

It is important to show the face(s) of your business to people. Professional images of your team will help provide a great first impression and allow your audience to put an image to your brand. Our head shot sessions are built to make you look as professional as possible so that you can utilize the headshots on business cards, website, Linked-In, and wherever it is necessary.

On-location or In-Studio?

We offer two options for headshots photography. One option is on-location prefer to have for your background, such as the state capitol, and the other option can be in studio, where we can provide a much cleaner look. You pick. Contact us now for your professional headshot!


Headshot Commission Pricing

Individual Headshot Session

For Individual at CineCrown Studio

Express Headshot


15-Minute Session, Basic Coaching

1 Outfit Changes/ 1 Looks

Online Gallery of 10 Best Photo to Choose From


1 Standard Retouch
(high-res + optimized web-ready)

Additional Retouch | $75

Corporate Headshot


30-Minute Session, Extensive Coaching

2 Outfit Changes/2 Looks

Online Gallery of 20-30 Best Photo to Choose From


2 Enhancement Retouches
(high-res + optimized web-ready)

Additional Retouch | $75

Actor Headshot


Up to 90-Minute Session, Extensive Coaching & Modeling, In/Around Studio

3 Outfit Changes/5 Looks

Online Gallery of 50-60 Best Photo to Choose From


5 Artistic Retouches
(high-res + optimized web-ready)

Additional Retouch | $100

Group & Volume Headshot Session

For Company & Office (On Location or Event)
Minimum require 5 people to qualify (may be combined with Executive & Brief Sessions).

Executive Headshot Sessions

20 minute session, 2 outfits, extensive coaching

For business seeking the highest quality headshots

5-10 people - $200/person
11-20 people - $175/person
21-50 people - $150/person
51+ people - $125/person

Includes multiple looks and all of your best photos galary. Light blemish retouching and processing for optimal color and clarity is also included for up to 3 images each person.
Additional photos can be retouched for $75 each.

Brief Headshot Sessions

5-10 minute sessions, 1 outfit, basic coaching

Perfect for company events or large group

5-10 people - $125/person
11-15 people - $100/person
16-30 people - $75/person
31-50 people - $65/person
51+ people - $55/person

Includes the digital download of each person's best photo in high-resolution + social media optimization. All photos are processed with light edited for exposure, color, and clarity. Pricing applies to on-location headshots at your office or event. 5-7 photos are taken per person, on average. The best shot is chosen on the spot.

Invest in Creative Corporate Portraits

A pre-shoot consultation where we share my secrets on how you can prepare for the most stress-free experience. A brand-focused industry-driven headshot session, with expression coaching.

Creative & Cinematic Composite Corporate Portraits

starting at $795



Need new dynamic headshots for your winning management team, stellar sales force, relentless business group or entire results-driven company? This all stars is the brilliant solution to capruring captivating individualized headshots that reflect team spirit.